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Ferrite Magnet

Ferrite magnets have the advantage of being easy to manufacture, cheap and durable, currently accounting for more than 50% market of permanent magnet use. Ferrite magnets have the advantage of being easy to manufacture, it is easily foramed into various sizes and shapes, which are ring, rectangular, segment, or customized as customer required Particularly the production of ring Ferrite magnets in our company reaches 1000 tons per month, used for speakers and audio equipment. In 2004, three production lines for Ring Ferrite Magnet were been put into production. After more than ten years’ development and technical transformation, OneMag has three sintering furnace with 8-holes, powered by natural gas. It’s production capacity reaches 1000 tons per month. The main performances are Y25, Y30, Y35. The outer diameter is up to 320mm, and the thickness is up to 40mm. Ring Ferrite Magnet is used in audio equipment, such as speakers.
MaterialAnisotropicRemanenceCoercivityIntrinsic CoercivityMax.Energy Product
Y25Anisotropic≥ 370≥ 3700≥ 144≥ 1800≥ 150≥ 1880≥ 24.0≥ 3.0
Y30Anisotropic≥ 380≥ 3800≥ 184≥ 2300≥ 188≥ 2350≥ 27.6≥ 3.4
Y30BHAnisotropic≥ 380≥ 3800≥ 240≥ 3000≥ 256≥ 3200≥ 27.6≥ 3.4
Y35Anisotropic≥ 400≥ 4000≥ 208≥ 2600≥ 212≥ 2660≥ 30.4≥ 3.8
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